Second Valley Disappointment!

Last Updated: 30th Nov -0001

The Second Valley Trail Ride was a safe well attended event in perfect conditions with the most entrants looking after the roads and tracks as we asked them to at rider briefing. The aftermath is somewhat different because a few selfish riders have put at risk our future in any of the forests. A number of riders have returned to Second Valley, found a way in to the forest and re-ridden the tracks.

What does this mean? We should have access to the forests like other states, but we don't and the access we have is fragile! Part of the agreement we have with Forestry SA is that our events are not posters to attract riders back to the areas we used. I know the riders who returned to the forest were from our event due to their knowledge of the course, we had removed the arrows. You have put at risk all access to the forests for any future rides!

We will find out who those guys were who returned to the tracks, it always comes out and we will learn who they were through the many contacts we have among our riders. We will then not accept any entries from those riders for any future events held by Find-N-Trax and will pass on the riders details to Forestry SA so they can be fined. The only alternative is that if you are one of those guys who returned to Second Valley then you can contact me so I can bring you up to date on what the consequences are of you going into an area after one of our rides. In the meantime find somewhere else to ride because we want to keep access for responsible riders who don't put the total loss of our forest events in jeopardy. 

Gerry Jongebloed