Last Updated: 5th Oct 2018

2018 has been a most successful trail ride season for Find-N-Trax for a number of reasons starting with our great luck on the weather front. Mt. Crawford had a dose of rain on the Thursday and then shone all weekend making the loamy sand base perfect for riding. We had a very large field of riders who in the main helped our track repair effort enormously by looking after the roads when entering and exiting. Forestry SA initially did have some concerns that we had not remediated some sections so we did a tour and discovered areas that they were concerned about we had fixed but had been ridden again by illegal riders. When tracks created in an event are re-used by illegal riding it's not a good look for our series. We raised $1580 for Foodbank and the Murray Bridge Scouts were most happy with the financial outcome of the catering, we had no bad injuries which is always a happy outcome and I had lots of feedback from you guys about the track and great time you had.

Bundaleer was very different from many perspectives this year due to the takeover by a farming family and the use of new areas. This event still has more to offer trackwise because of the extra land we have at our disposal and the co-operation of an outside landowner allowing us to link the areas together. This event was blessed with excellent weather for riding and we dodged a bullet because the weekend after was a washout. Feedback on this ride was also positive with riders really loving the short loop especially. Foodbank received $1370 towards the great work they do and the Bundaleer Cricket Club had a nice profit from the event. I have yet to have a good chat with the Hammat family who own the Bundaleer Forest area we used but feedback on the day was positive and I have had no complaints. I will be seeing the family over this break in preparation for next year. The event may be sited in the other side of Bundaleer Forest which is great riding and also has a new owner. We have been blessed here also with great local support even getting us as a featured event on the tourist brochure of the area, who would have thought that!

Second Valley also had the kiss of the weather gods, rain leading up to the ride followed by a fine but cool Sunday due to the Southerly breeze made a perfect day for belting along the great tracks this forest produces. We have a plan to change the forest tracks we use, using only small parts of the old tracks where possible. This allows us to look after the forests keeping our impact low which is appreciated by Forestry SA. The feedback from this event was similiar to the two  previous ones and riders were most complimentary about the course we set. Foodbank received $1440 and the Murray Bridge Scouts did their great cooking feats which I really enjoyed as I am sure you guys did. Second Valley did produce a complaint to the Yankalilla Council about us closing a road which we didn't! after a meeting with the guy responsible from the council, Andy Baker, it was resolved that we didn't. Some opportunities may have come from the meeting and I have another meeting with the council PR person in a couple of weeks.

Nothing happens with our series unless we have support and our biggest supporter has again been KTM and their dealer network here in SA. We have had KTM helping us with sponsorship and suppying prizes for 6 years now, I feel the relationship is strong and all because of the people we deal with at KTM, Huge thanks to Grant Morris our KTM Dealer support guy, Roger Kessner from Kessners, Martin Guppy from Moto Adelaide and Mark Flynn from Coast. We have also had long term support from Mike Fullston of Full On Moto Parts, Hoey Racing Suspension, SK Designs and a new supporter on the block Goggleman. I also wish to announce in 2019 we will have Blight Engineering & Maintenance come onboard as a sponsor to help us with our Paramedic Service provided by EMT Ambulance. Jarrod Blight is the main man at Blight Engineering & Maintenance and we have accepted his generous support as a Silver sponsor. Jarrod had first hand knowledge of the skills EMT have after a nasty burn on his hand at Second Valley was correctly treated by their team taking away some possible long term consequences. 

I would lastly like to thanks my team of helpers who make it possiible to host these rides and without whom we could not function. Our sweeps Damon, Garry, Shane, Peter, Scotty, Luke, Troy, Simon, Holty, Wayne, Adam, Brett (who is also the photographer when Chappy is not available) ,Michael and Paul Collins who also do our Administration on the day. The guy who does the most is Chris who helps me set out the course and pull it down, his help has been invaluable over the years especially after my accident with the kangaroo early in 2018. Troy and his family, his dad Wayne and wife Heather also  stepped up, helping pull down arrows and signs at Bundaleer and Second Valley, most appreciated.

We will be back in 2019 looking to make an even larger footprint with our rides so that we cannot be ignored by government in our quest to get normal recreational access to riding areas. Here at Fin-N-Trax we wish you a great holiday period and look forward to seeing you all in 2019.

Gerry Jongebloed