Does Trail Ride Closed Mean the Ride is Full?

Last Updated: 18th Feb 2016

I have had a number of people contact me about the entry on the trailrides showing "closed" enquiring, does that mean it's full? The trail ride entries "Online" are opened one at a time for administration purposes and therefore we will only have one open at any given time. The "Trail Ride Closed" does not mean its full! If you move your mouse over the event even if says closed then click on it it will bring up a box which will tell you when it will be opened. Each trail ride once opened will stay open until the Tuesday night before the event.  

Riders who are concerned that they may miss out can download an entry form from "Trail News" and enter one or all events by sending it in with the relevant fees. We will confirm your entry by email upon receipt of the entry form and money which means you are assured of a place in the ride.

Gerry Jongebloed