How Do I Enter The Trail Rides?

Last Updated: 18th Feb 2016

Entry Online

Entry online is done simply by clicking on the ride that is showing "OPEN", a window will appear which has a highlighted tag to the entry site. Enter all the details asked for, then you will allocated an invoice number which you must use when putting money into the nominated account. Please take note of the invoice number for the transfer funds into the nominated account. If money is not put in before 5 working days are up your entry is not accepted so you will need to email to arrange payment. If a rider pays for more than one entry fee into the account then all invoice numbers must be quoted so we are aware of the multiple payment and who we need to credit them to. Do not enter online unless you are paying into the nominated account! We don't want online entries without payment. The online entry facility is closed the Tuesday prior to the event. Entry online only allows one event entry at a time! MONEY CAN BE PAID DIRECTLY INTO OUR ACCOUNT VIA THE NAB BANK USING THEIR DEPOSIT SLIP.

Entry by Mail

Mail entries can be organised by using forms sourced from a motorcycle shop or any point at which a poster is displayed. The entry form can also be drawn down from our website in "Trail News" section. All entries must have the full entry fee plus any licence costs enclosed when sent to the mailing adress. Please have your email adress clearly written so we can confirm your entry which will be done upon receipt of the form and money. Entry by mail gives the option to enter all three events on the one form if accompaniedby full payment.

Entrants must have a registered motorcycle and a current Transport SA motorcycle licence to be accepted, Some permitted or recreational registered motorcycles will be accepted. Motorcycles must have a headlight tail light and working brake light.

The promoter "CREAT-N-TRAX" reserves the right to accept or not accept any entry by either mail or online and will inform any unacceptable entrant prior to the event . This may happen if the entry is oversubscribed (Limit of 175 riders in each event) or for any other reason that the promoter has for such a rejection. 

Gerry Jongebloed