What is The Aim of This Website

Last Updated: 18th Feb 2013

Welcome to our new website which has been built with a couple of major goals. To get entry into events held in SA pine forests and to further the cause of riding our motorcycles off road. Thank you to the Motor Traders Association and its web of motorcycle dealers who are sponsoring the website, making it possible to communicate with you the rider.

We all know the situation in SA is dire with regard to riding our bikes due to lack of access to any areas to trail ride legimately. SA has a couple of ride parks, namely Pt. Gawler and "Jams" in the Rockleigh area. These parks are small and their size doesn't allow any long distance tracks to be built. These areas serve a purpose by providing an area for registered and non registered bikes as well as junior participation, the lack of trail distance is the biggest issue.

Motorcycling SA is playing a part and commissioned a report with a grant from the Department of Recreation and Sport, extra funds also came from The MTA and the SA Murray-Darling Natural Resource Management Board. The idea was to look at the problem and take action to adress it. A copy of the South Australian Off Road Motorcycle Strategy is available on the MSA website. MSA is a competition body which also focuses on recreational riding under its new manager Chris Mc Ardle. MSA has areas accessible to riders through its affiliated clubs and promoters as well as its own property Acusa Park near Nairne in the Adelaide hills. MSA is also developing Tailem Bend's old Mitsubishi area as a muti discipline motorcycle venue. This is positive but it still does not solve the problem of immediate access to trail riding areas which other states provide and even promote. This promotion is done through their councils where they welcome riders with maps of arrowed tracks and in some areas special car parks have even been set up with toilets and camping facilities to attract riders, SA has a long way to go!

The areas SA trail riders have access to are mainly limited to organised trail rides like those in the Riverland and South East and some private trail riding enterprises or so it would seem, however there are a few other alternatives and we will be exploring those over the coming months as we build our reservoir of options. We will also look at adventure riding in SA and the legal tracks and roads which offer riding to the extra long distance guys as well as the possibility of legal adventure riding as close as the Adelaide hills. There are some secondry roads in the hills which offer good riding on public roads, giving some great recreation with some challenges thrown in. 

Yamaha Forest Trail Ride Trilogy

A major reason for setting up the site was to also inform riders on upcoming events which will be held in the pine plantations around Adelaide and further afield as well as providing an easy means of entry into the events. We have a calender which in 2013 will show three rides available, starting with a follow up event from 2012 at Mt.Crawford, an event at Wirrabara near Laura in the Mid North and the final one in the lovely 2nd Valley Forest. Forestry SA has allowed us to access these fanatastic areas and have been most helpful in providing not only access, but concrete help to make it happen. Yamaha has taken on helping us with funds to run the events and a big thank you goes out to Rob Baumann from Yamaha and the Yamaha dealers who are taking part in making the rides a success. We will be providing more information on how to enter and everything you will need to know as the rides are opened up for entry. We will be setting up an online entry system for the rides as well as keeping open the normal mailing entry system. Forestry SA have placed some conditions on the event and one is the numbers will be limited to 150 riders per event so I advise riders to enter as soon as the events are announced to guarantee their ride. There will be more details coming out over the next few weeks about the 3 rides so keep visiting us for updates.

I am a rider like you guys and this site is dedicated to building and finding tracks for us to ride, Welcome to FIND-N-TRAX!

Gerry Jongebloed